Mutant Max
Cardano NFT collection

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One Sunday morning, 7 year old Max was at home playing with his toys. Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and a loud craaack! It sounded as if the sky had split open. Max ran to the window and peered out...

Squinting through the blinding light, Max could just make out some spiky shapes above the tree tops. He could hear a soft rhythmic hum. The light dimmed slightly and turned to a sickly green. Max was bathed in the green light. He felt nauseous, his insides were churning and his skin felt hot! Then he blacked out.

When he came to, he was alone. He looked down at his hands and saw long green fingers and pointy nails. He picked up what looked like an old silver Viking shield that lay next to him and peered into it’s reflection. Staring back at him was a monster. A friendly looking monster, but still a monster. What had happened to him? What was that loud noise and those bright lights? And where was his home and his family?

To be continued...

Mutant Max is a series of NFT collections, released on the Cardano blockchain.
Max is a 7 year old boy who is turned into a mutant and transported to a far off land and time by a mysterious, unexplained force.
Follow along as the story unfolds and Max searches for his family...
As Max finds his family members, we will release an NFT collection featuring that family member.
In addition, we will release a limited edition portrait NFT of Max and the newly found family member.
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Mutant Max NFTs are made with love for the Cardano community and all the lost souls out there.